In order to be known, you have to get to know people

This course will walk you through the basics of what networking TRULY is (and isn't!) and take the fear away when it comes to putting yourself out there!

By the end of this course, you will be able to approach networking with ease and confidence and know exactly how to harness the power of connections!

In this course you will learn:

  • How to find networking opportunities

  • What to look for in a networking circle or group

  • How to build rapport and connections that will serve you and your new found contacts well over time

Really great tips!


Thanks Gretchen Adams for the Networking 101 course! I've attended networking events in the past with some success but fell off the routine a while back. Tonight is actually my first night back to a networking event so I watched her course to pump me up! She had some really great tips to make it a bit of a different experience for me this time around.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    What is Networking?

    • Module 1 Video

    • Course Download

  • 2

    How to prepare for a networking event

    • Module 2 Video

  • 3

    What to do with all of those business cards!

    • Module 3 Video

  • 4


    • Module 4 Video


Gretchen Adams

Gretchen Adams has been creating outdoor family portraits for her San Francisco Bay Area clients since 1999 and has built a name for herself as one of the top high-end photographers in her area. She runs a full service boutique studio focused on a high level of customer service including space planning, concept design, wardrobe assistance, framing and installation. She is continually honored to receive recognition from publications in her area as one of the most sought after portrait artist in the East Bay. She has maintained a consistent flow of clients over the years by defining exactly who she wants to work with and designing a marketing plan to attract those clients.